About Us
Based in the Niagara Region, and servicing Grimsby Beamsville, Vineland, Jordan, St Catharines and surrounding areas, The Green Cleaners company understands the necessity to maintain this beautiful environment for ourselves, and for future generations.  The task of protecting the environment and doing the right thing can be overwhelming.  However, it is the belief of our company that even making small changes in the products we use, our recycling habits and the way we put simple conservation practises into place throughout our homes, can go a long way.

The Green Cleaners is proud to use the trusted Natura line, exclusive to Home Hardware.  This 50 yearsCanadian company has had great success developing, and bringing to market it's green friendly Natura products.

Flat Rate Pricing
At The Green Cleaners we like to keep it simple.  All our services are flat rate priced, resulting in a more effective clean for the homeowner.   While the goal is efficiency, and a great clean in a reasonable timeframe, the clock is not ticking should we need the extra time to complete specific tasks.

Customized Plans
The Green Cleaners would like to introduce clients to our customized cleaning plans.  While we do offer standard cleaning packages, it is important to us that we are meeting your cleaning needs.  We invite you to discuss with us, the areas of your home you feel require greater attention.

Insured and Bonded
All employees of The Green Cleaners are fully insured and bonded.  These types of insurance give everyone peace of mind, protecting you the homeowner, our employees, and the company.

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